People Are Talking About the Personal Financial Management Certification Program

Here are just a few of the great comments we have received about Inceptia's Personal Financial Management Certification program:

"The Personal Financial Management Certification Program provides all the answers to the questions your students will come to you with regarding their finances. It will make you feel more comfortable when speaking with them."
Kim Brown, Ph.D.
Director of Finance
Midwestern University
“This is a comprehensive financial literacy program that provides the tools and techniques to allow you to counsel students on proper financial management.”
David Glezerman
Assistant Vice President, Bursar
Temple University
“The textbook is absolutely great! I have already used it a dozen times outside of the regular class learning: either with fellow staff or with students, or for my own financial wellness. Really excellent material. I wish every student on my campus, and most of their parents, could have a copy!”
Melet Leafgreen
Assistant Director, Loan Programs
Texas Christian University
“[The best part of Inceptia's Certification program is] learning about various aspects of money, how money impacts most every part of our lives and how to educate students using an easy to understand method.”
Margie R. Harris
Director of Student Financial Services
Clarkson College
“Thank you for introducing me to the Inceptia program.  It was a victory when our school default rate went down…to know that what I have put in practice thus far is working. I’m grateful for all the support you’ve shown me.”
Jill R. Rohl-Lampack
Financial Aid Technician
St. Bonaventure University
“Very educational – If you want to understand financial matters you need to take this course. Students who are exposed to this will be head and shoulders above their peers with regard to managing personal finances.”
Jason O’Toole
Director, IMPACT Program – TRIO
Cowley County Community College
“This certification program takes complex financial concepts and allows the user to understand them in a very simple way. I am using what I learned in my trainings every day.”
Misty Myre
Senior Manager, Repayment Management
Apollo Group
“This program gives you a good grip on how to better manage your finances. I think everyone should take this course. It doesn’t take that long and the information you learn will change your life.”
Cameron Elliott
East Carolina University
“This program is well worth your time. It provides a great foundation on how to manage personal finances.”
Erin Wirth
Program Coordinator, Student Money Management Center
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
“I would recommend this program to anyone who counsels students. Great stuff!”
Julie Selander
Director, One-Stop Student Services
University of Minnesota